Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Belly belly good!

Eevning All!

I hope life is treating well wherever this finds you!!

I am emailing you from Kovalam Beach, Kerala, where I've been staying since my arrival on Monday morning. The flight on Air India which has been previously known as "Scare" India was very pleasant. I met a delightful young Indian couple who couldn't be more helpful and have been texting me since to check all is well!

Since leaving Trivandrum airport I have encountered a sensory overload! Colours, smells and incessant beeping of rickshaw hooters which are NOT used in the same capacity as we are used to but merely to inform you that if you don't shift your arse you're likely to become brown bread! The driving standard adopted here is similar to what I can only imagine to be a number of blind motorists taking to the road. The rule that everyone has a right of way is simply ridiculous and on several occasions I have shrieked out loud but I figured there is a load of old people pottering about so I reckon I have a good chance of surviving the next 7 months!!

The hotel I am staying at is charming and so too are the people who run it. The manager sleeps a few doors down from my room outside on a mattress on the veranda to keep watch over his guests!  Poor guy has drawn the short straw with me staying along with a crazy 68 year old Irish lady who has been nomadic for roughly 12 years travelling the world and bases herself here in Kovalam! Pam, the Irish lady is such an interesting and entertaining lady who has been extremely kind to me and has made a positive difference to my stay whilst I have been adjusting to my new surroundings!

My hotel room is very amusing in that the fan which I am very grateful does work, sounds like a combine harvester and my shower is no more effective than a watering can, not to mention the lack of key in order to lock and open the door! A couple of bolts and a padlock does the trick! There is also the power cuts that place approximately twice a day and can cause a problem if your showering at the time! In so far as the lavatorial habits go, such is my desperation that I am pining for the "aeroplane lav" where I could at least enjoy loo paper as opposed to the alternative; that being a hose - I make no further comment!

On my first night I was taken by the chap, who runs the education company I am working for, to his house where I met his wife and 4 children. They were very welcoming but intrigued by my appearance (no jokes please!) - in fact I was stared at for sometime. I am pleased to say it wasn't like the "Buckland" stare but more like observing a freak of nature I suppose! The meal provided was delicious but not without its challenges!!! No weaponry to use just my right hand and this proved pretty difficult. Imagine scooping up sloppy curry one handed into a manageable heap to then shoving it in your cake hole? I must of looked so desperately unattractive with curry dribbling down my chin. No napkin to wipe away the mess and worse of all NO USE of the left hand as this is your lavatory hand! I can now understand why I was looked at with such horror when I tore the chappati bread with both hands! Not a good look - for the avoidance of doubt, my hands were clean prior to dinner!

The beach and scenery here in Kovalam is beautiful although the beach, sadly, is very built up and geared towards the tourist market. It doesn't entirely detract from its beauty but being in the minority of white people I am repeatedly targeted for wooden elephant souvenirs, dresses, restaurants and bongo drums!!! The one thing that stands out is the repeated attempts made by two women in particular to sell me mangos, bananas and pineapples. On every occasion, a new ailment develops and their desperation intensifies! One of the women hasn't yet mentioned the need to sell fruit in order to have her teeth treated and focusing on her priorities, she would I'm sure generate more business if this mentioned first off!!!

Moving forward I am on the move tomorrow at 0430 local time to take a train up to Calicut where the school is based. I understand this to be a 7 hour train journey which I have specifically asked for during the day so that full advantage can be taken of the scenery and experience!

I will be staying with the school principal for the next two weeks until the new English volunteer arrives, at which point we will move into a shared house together.

I am now on the move, I have an early start tomorrow so will sign off by sending you all lots of love

Luce xxx


  1. How I envy you, starting your trip in Kovalam, such a shame it has been spoilt, when we were there it was just shacks along the beach front, and beautiful little restaurants. I had the best meal in the world in a fish restaurant there and can still taste the food - it was fantastic.You have certainly given me an insight of my memories of India- everything and everyone are so diverse and different! Have a wonderful time, keep up the blog but most of all keep safe. Lots of love

  2. How lovely luce, keep up the good work! Big love xx

  3. Fabulous blog, looking forward to reading more about your adventure, loads of love, Pen xxxx